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Laser Materials List


Our lasers can cut up to ¼” thick material that can fit into 24” x 36” laser bed. The most typical materials that we can laser cut are wood, acrylic, paper, leather, and cardboard. Material cannot be laser cut in stacks, and it needs to lay flat in our laser beds. We can etch images into thicker material (up to 11” tall) assuming that the surface for etching lays flat and fits within our 48” x 24” laser bed. Our lasers are not able to cut or etch metals, but they can etch coatings off of metals (such as anodized aluminum). 

We sell a masking material called R-tape for $.50 per ft that helps to prevent unsightly char from marring your material. Char is most noticeable on the underside of the thicker materials that require more powerful settings to cut through. R-tape is commonly used on wood, acrylic, and most leathers.

Backing And Transfer

Any other material not specified above needs to be approved by Secret Base staff. Please send an e-mail to that includes an MSDS of that specific material. An MSDS can be requested directly from the manufacturer of the material you wish to laser cut. Custom cutting clients are welcome to provide their own approved material cut down to fit within our laser beds (40” x 28”).


Materials for Sale at Secret Base

type of materialpricedimensions
1/8" baltic birch$2.00per sq. ft.
1/4" baltic birch$3.00per sq. ft.
R-tape$0.50per sq. ft.
1/8" colored acrylic$15.00per sq. ft.
1/8" clear acrylic$6.67per sq. ft.
1/16" clear acrylic$5.00per sq. ft.
1/4" clear acrylic$10per sq. ft.
chipboard$1.0022.5" x 34.5"
Bristol Paper$3.0024" x 36"
Poptone Paper$3.0024" x 36"
glama paper$5.0023" x 35"
black cardstock$5.0024" x 36"
single corrugated cardboard$324" x 36"
1/16" baltic birch$7.50per sq. ft.
1/8" hardwood (maple + walnut)$10per sq. ft.