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About Secret Base


History. Secret Base was founded in 2018 as a community makerspace, studio, learning center, and store. During the 2020 pandemic Secret Base refocused efforts on studio and store primarily while shifting to non-profit status. Our artist/members are the management, leadership, board and staff.

Non-Profit. Secret Base is a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation dedicated to creating unique and engaging art, design, exhibitions, and experiences at large and small scale. Our projects more times than not will contain a cross-section of regional artists, musicians, designers, engineers, videographers, and makers of all types coming together to create works of a curious and exceptional nature.

Funding. We are funded through partnerships, grants, exhibitions, gallery shows, corporate and private donations, studio work, and from the sale of works found in our online store.

Secret Base is small group of artists, designers, and makers focused on creating amazing works.

— Our Mission

Custom Work

Don’t have the time or expertise to make it yourself? The team at Secret Base is proud to offer a variety of contract services from custom design, woodwork, lasercutting, prototyping, CNC fabrication and a wide array of custom short-run manufacturing to get the job done. 


  • Normal. 1 week turnaround. $1.25/minute for custom laser cutting work + file setup, material prep, design, etc
  • Quick. Days. $2.50/minute for quicker turnarounds
  • Rush. As Soon As Possible. $4/minute. Minimum 1 hour


Massively powerful and a huge cutting area make our laser one of the best in Austin. 120 watt CO2 laser, 40” x 28” cutting area. 

  • Setup / Project Fee: $25
  • Lasercutting: $90/hr

See our full materials list. Check out interesting laser projects


CNC Router

The precision and repetitive nature of a computer-assisted router is unmatched for many projects. Do it yourself, or get assistance ... we've helped people making oversized signage, furniture, displays, gears, toys, puzzles, ray-guns, and more!

  • Setup / Project Fee: $25
  • CNC: $90/hr

Custom Learning

Want to get some one-on-one time with an instructor? Not a problem. We'll tailor a great skill-building experience just for you or someone you know. All ages. 

  • One-On-One Instruction: $90/hr

Contact / (512) 850-5150 / By appointment only

Our studio and base of operations in Austin's east side (5th/Springdale) welcomes visitors several times a year and is bike and walkable to nearby restaurants, bars, and other artistic and cultural hotspots. Secret Base is not bound by any single medium or style, creating exceptional pieces for everyone.