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Makerspace Session Passes

Regular Session Pass

Woodshop $20


Easy, 3 hour session access for all Regular Woodshop and Hand Tools including all makerspace amenities like wi-fi, paint room, and more. Great for quick projects.
(Shop Orientation Required)

Specialty Session Pass

Specialty $60


3 hour session gives access to specialist tools Lasercutter and Digital/CNC Routers. Includes all woodshop tools and amenities. Well isn't that special?
(Shop Orientation + Training Required)

Save with Passbooks

Regular Session Passbook

10 Regular Passes - $175 (Save 15%)
20 Regular Passes - $308 (Save 30%)
30 Regular Passes - $400 (Save 50%)

Standard Passes

Regular Session Passbook4

10 Specialty Passes - $545 (Save 15%)
20 Specialty Passes - $1000 (Save 30%)
30 Specialty Passes - $1385 (Save 50%)

Specialty Passes
Official Member03

$25 Eyes-Only Membership

Being a Secret Base Member is optional, but is well worth the price (monthly autopay)

  • Early access scheduling for makerspace sessions
  • Discount and early access to classes
  • 1 Free Buddy Pass per month
  • Members-only events
  • Discount on supplies
  • Access to home tool rental
  • Secret Base T-shirt

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