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Easy Access / Great Tools


Laser Cutting & Etching. The cutting area is 40" x 28" ... one of the largest and fastest available in Austin. Made in the USA our Epilog M2 120W is a beast. Begin with our Laser Basics class and move quickly into your own projects. Cuts wood, acrylic, felt, paper, leather, cloth, sign material, and long list of other materials. Easily one of the most fun machines in the shop!

Cnc router01

Digital (CNC) Routers. Two amazing machines that cut anything from wood acrylic, veneer, urethane foam, and so much more. The Carvey is perfect for any age beginners and small projects. The X-Carve is amazing for medium sized projects 30"x30". One of the best qualities of these machines is that their software is online and browser-based. Once you learn, anyone can do all of the work at home, and pull it up in the shop. Here's an inspirational video of someone making a skateboard.


Makerspace & Workshop. Amazing shop and makerspace with paint room, kitchen, a dizzying array of large and small woodworking tools. 2x CNC routers, lasercutter, band saw, table saw, router table, full miter saw, jointer, wood planer, wood lathe, belt sanders, drill press, scroll saw and more. Brands represented: Festool, Dewalt, Shopsmith, Delta, Jet, Dremel and a few obscure brands.

Welding*. We have wonderful MIG welder for learning the basics, but challenged for space for larger works. Currently for learning, spot welds, and smaller works

Walk-In Paint Room. A ton of light, and an huge sucking blower. Our paint room is large and there for you when you need it.

The Learning Annex. A separate clean, quiet, and a "dust-free" environment. It houses a few computer stations including a 24" HD Wacom drawing tablet, five Singer sewing machines, a large Artisan 700 leather post machine, a 24" jack loom. Great for crafting, parties, events, instruction, and more!