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Wooden Sword & Magical Objects

Price: $60
Instructor: BJ Heinley
Material requirements: None
Prerequisites: None
Age Requirements:
Adults and 10+ years with a parent/guardian
Skill Level:
Date & Time: October 12, 2019 7:00pm; Class Duration: 2 Hours 
Location: Secret Base

Description: Design, create, decorate, and customize your own mystical wooden sword, magic wand, or magical talisman. This is one of our more popular classes for beginners and is a frequent event at festivals and pop-ups. Students will create from scratch using their creativity and using our pre-existing wooden forms.

This is one of our more popular classes for beginners of all ages (Usually more adults than kids!). Great for anyone looking to make a gift or have fun and get some creative shop time in.

Students will learn:

  • Overview of compatible materials including woods, plastics, glass, stone, leather, paper and textiles.
  • How to design and customize their object from concept to fruition
  • How to safely use a jig saw and belt sander
  • Exposure to the lasercutter operation (always fun!)

Attendance and cancellation: See Cancellation Policy